Belief In Self

Belief in self I believe is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself-this,not being dependent on what everyone else around you thinks.When you believe in yourself,you can do anything you set out to do and you can stand up to anyone because you know you can.

I have had issues with this and I have flactuated between self belief and doubt,keeping in mind that I will quote the Bible and say ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’I have said it and not believed it at times and thank the Lord for awesome friends who at times believe me on my behalf and don’t allow me to settle for less.

Ever heard of a saying ‘you teach others how to treat you’?Because you do and so people will deal with you at the level they find you when they meet you.That is why when I find I don’t like how someone treats me,I take a step back and analyse my part in that play!How have I been acting around them?Did I do or say anything to make them think it is okay for them to treat me like they did?More often than not,that answer is yes.Tyrese once posted a video on facebook talking about ‘what you accept,you expect’.
If you accept disrespect,don’t get shocked when it happens.The first time someone does something that does not sit well with you,that’s one time too many.You need to call them out and give it to them straight.’You talked to me this way and I did not appreciate.Don’t let it happen again’

You need boundaries around and about you.You need to know your bottom line and if someone crosses your boundaries,well,you need to be speaking another language with them.When you believe in yourself and your awesomess,you will very much be able to say ‘move along’ without twiching and it does not mean some of these decisions won’t hurt,but why you wanna be with/hang around someone who does not treat you the way you expect?

The power is in your hands,to live the kind of life you want to;always remember that.It is in your hands and don’t you give it away to anyone,no matter how amazing they look as we are all human and to err is part of who we are.Next time you find yourself complaining about how badly someone is treating you,take a seat back and find out what your role was in that and once you do,change it ,pick yourself up and build that electric fence of boundaries up and be so sure of yourself that you be ready to let go of or move along without some people who try to ‘break in’.

Do not allow,hence enabling bad habits and then complain about it later.Remember,what you accept,you expect!


Moulding Beauty


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