Things I Dislike about Salespeople

My list of things I wish salespeople would keep off when approaching me… Feel free to add onto the list:

1. I really get worked up at how they are so product focused and rarely give me time to speak. They do not take time to listen to what my needs are. Their main concern is closing the deal and getting their bonus through hitting their targets. They need to know,I really don’t care about your targets; but I care about my needs and so if I see that you are taking time to listen to my needs, I will be more friendly towards you. I know you wanna make a sale, but when you approach me, make it about me.

2. Please don’t insist once I have said I am not interested. Respect my decision and my space, lest I report you to the police for being a nuisance!

3. If I happen to give you my card so that you can explain yourself better because maybe I do not have time at the time, please use the contact details on it only for professional purposes. Don’t start sending me face book friend requests or chatting me on whatsapp, we don’t know each other like that.

4. Please remember that signing the deal is the first step, how you maintain that relationship afterwards will determine if I will stay with you or if I will go looking elsewhere. So please, don’t ever forget that you need to please your existing clients while trying to impress your potential clients. We all matter.

These are top of mind for now due to current frustrations. I needed to vent.



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