I Found Out That I Am Lost

A Shade Of Pen

Just the other day, I was talking with a friend, Taimur on my blog and the chat drifted and we spoke of “FINDING THAT YOU ARE A LOST SOUL”. This gave birth to this post because we were both confused as we discussed more and more about finding out when you’re lost.

I used to be a free bird

I laughed the wildest laugh

I was in tune with nature

There was nothing I really lacked

No one rolls the happy lane

For times longer than you should

I too got trapped

And I too was lost

a little

I wandered aimlessly, here and there

I looked for me in unseen eyes

I stared in the abyss of my own eye

And found a stranger living there

Everytime I stole a glance

The mirror showed a person

Who looked somewhat like me

And there was noting more in between

Gone was the…

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