Who I am.

I am who I think I am

No, I am what he thinks I am

Not really.

I am what my family believes I am.

Not quite there yet.

I am what society expects me to be

Doesn’t fit.

So who then am I?

For I am tired,

Of guessing and second guessing

Of playing different roles,

Depending on what play is on stage

So, who am I?


I am who He says I am

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Head and not tail

Co-heir with Jesus Christ

A child of the most High

A brand ambassador of heaven

Free and not slave

I am a product of His creativity

I am perfectly imperfect

I am blessed and highly favoured

I have His stamp of approval upon my life

I am healthy and complete in Him

As by His stripes I am healed

I am who the Lord Almighty says I am

I can do what He says I can do

Which is all things

Through  Christ who strengthens me

I can overcome evil with good

And no weapon formed against me

Will prosper


I am awesome and wonderful

And this with no apologies.

Moulding Beauty



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