I just had a chat with my baby brother and being an older sibling,I’m trying to keep him from some of the mistakes I made and I realize I may be expecting too much of him too fast!!!I love him and I totally want the best for him but I realize I cannot give him years of experience in a conversation and it makes me realize just how Moulding Beauty really needs to happen…

Moulding Beauty was conceived in 2003 when my best friend gave me the name.I started using it as a pet name for my poetry and all but when I got to form 3 and was going through all this drama in high school,God clearly told me that I was going through all that for a purpose and that purpose was to help others and Moulding Beauty would be the vehicle to take me to my destiny.

As time passes,I notice the many gaps our younger generation has and MB is one way of filling one of the gaps.Other than self motivation,I want to help teens discover their career paths as well.I think I’m looking for a wholistic approach to individuals.It is time.My baby brother turns 20 in 3days time and I worry for him but above all,I want him to be equipped to live his life to the fullest,so maybe this is the year for Moulding Beauty’s birth.

If you have younger siblings,please become mentor.Share your experiences;give them guidance,talk to them,be their friends and lets all do our parts to make the generations behind us even more successful…

P/s:not just your siblings.If you interact with any younger peeps than you,believe you me,you’ve got something to offer them that will improve and better their lives

Moulding Beauty


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