Multi vs Single Tasking: know your niche



Where would you like to be in the next 1, 5,10 years, is a question we often ask ourselves and other people.Having a vision helps you keep focused. Knowing the end game; the destination; somewhat affects how you travel there. So I was asked that question the other day, career- wise and I went blank!And I panicked! ‘How can I not know what I want to be or where I want to be in the next one year?What is wronf with me?’I had my homework cut out for me.Then, as I was planning a certain CSR activity, I realized that planning is what I love most doing and I also love CSR activities.So events and CSR activities, that is what I would want to be doing 1 year from now.

So I thought to myself ‘Is it weird that my plan is not to become the next CEO or MD of the company or something? Does this mean I’m dreaming small?’ I don’t think so. I think what it is, is me being honest with myself and choosing to follow a path that I know I will be able to give my best and enjoy giving my best while at it.My idea of success is being self-fulfilled;being happy and content and I think I can only achieve that if I am involved with the things I enjoy doing and the things I know I am good at.

At a certain women’s meeting, a gentleman who was present mentioned that one of the reasons the men always beat women in so many things is not because the men are better than the women, it’s simply because men do not know how to multi-task!I can see the ladies going like ‘What are you talking about?’ I also brushed it off at that time but when I thought about it later I found it to be true.

We pride in our ability to juggle different balls in the air and catch them all; at times it is a needed skill but at times it works against us for the simple fact that, when you have more than one thing competing for your attention, none of them will get 100% of your attention.So while you are busy handling different departments, your male counter-part focuses on just one.He eats, sleeps, dreams and walks jus that one department and before you know it, he is an expert in that department and he is soon heading it because there is no one who understands it better than he!

Why do you enjoy your husband’s meals so much that you can almost call him a better cook than you? Because every meal he cooks gets his undivided attention.If it is the meat, he will prepare it,from start to end without touching anything else then move to the next thing.Are you getting my flow?Men give tasks undivided attention and that is why they perfect things while we are still juggling!

With that in mind, I realized I do not want to be a master of all trades. I am a woman and so yes, multi-tasking is in my genes but that does not mean I need to just accept that as my fate and move on. I know there are many things that I can do-fairly well at the same time but I want to have a signature something.That one thing where when someone needs it to be done, they will think of my name first or at least it will be among the top 3 names someone things about.I want to perfect that one thing and then the rest can be value-adds to me.And so that got me thinking.I enjoy doing a number of things but what is the one thing I would love to be known for?

The answer to that came to me;my organisational skills.I want to be known as the best organizer or planner of all things events and otherwise.That when somone things of wanting to get organised or of planning something, they would think of me;they would want to hear my opinion on it.Now, if this leads me to a CEO position or some other post, so be it, but that is not my focus;my goal.It will be ‘collateral damage’ so to speak i.e. what I end up with because of being exceptional at organising and planning.

I am happy with that choice and I will not allow anyone to put me down because of it.Everyone is allowed to have their own dreams and success has different definitions to every different person.I choose to respect both my definition and every one else’s.

My other value-adds include a hand-made card making business-I got the talent for this so I can as well as use it to bring in some cash and I love speaking positively into peoples lives and challenging them to be the bezt version of them they possibly can be;I love Moulding Beauty and this I believe is my main purpose on this earth actually;to mould the beauty of the individual lives that I come across.And of course CSR activities.I enjoy putting smiles on people who need it. And writing.I think I forget it at times because it is me.

I guess I now know what I’m about and I shall remain true to this knowledge.




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