The Sabbath

Leviticus 23:1-14

Top of mind from this passage is that the Sabbath is a day God created to allow us to rest. God is orderly and He knows that our bodies need time to recharge and to be refreshed and so He gave that command and so I feel challenged as a Christian, to make sure that on the Sabbath, Sunday, I shall not be found working because that is equal to disobeying God, yet here I am having scheduled a workshop for Sunday.

It is a good reminder and again, something I have heard preached so many times but here I am 26, years later, catching the revelation and this goes to prove just how truly, every commandment God has ever given is only to protect us and make our lives easy.Honestly, He has officially allowed us 6 days to work as tirelessly as we want, why do we keep insisting on adding the one day He set aside for us to rest and worship Him onto the 6? And I guess that is why it is hard for our pastors at times to understand why we are always away on Sundays, working and all, and yet, the church service is only like 2 hours long.Is really that so much to ask from us, while God has been so faithful and gracious to us throughout the week?Too busy to just take two hours and tell God ‘Thank you’?

I am super guilty for this.I have made all sorts of excuses for not going to church because I though I was doing it for my pastors and the congregation at large but it really is about God.It really is about having that scheduled time to spend in the presence of God and just worship Him and make it all about Him. It is the way a married or dating couple are.Their anniversary is that one day they take out to just appreciate each other but that does not mean they don’t love and appreciate each other through the other days and months but there is something special about this day, which if it is forgotten, there will be hell to pay for! It is the same with God and us, only that our anniversary is weekly and that does not mean we do not love and worship and honour God through the week, it just means this is that special time set aside for us to spend un-divided attention with God. And this is why when you are in church and you are more concerned about your neighbour or your partner and you are busy just chatting away instead of worshipping and focusing in God, is the same as you being on a date but your date is busy on the phone with someone else.It actually is that simple.

There is a saying that says your vertical relationship determines your horizontal relationship.So if you want your relationships dow here to be super awesome, make sure your relationship upwards is on point and it will automatically reflect and show on the earthly relationships.

Challenge: To keep from having work on Sundays.As far as I can control it, let me be willing to go to work on Saturday, if that is what will free up my Sunday.Let me be ready to work late hours during the week if that is what it will take for me to free up my Sunday.Actually, let me operate as if Sunday does not exist in my work calendar and have it is my ‘date’ day with God and just chilling.Let me make my Sunday’s my day for recuperating because that is what the Bible requires of me.




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