Beauty for ashes

I watched this video and yes I did cry. Not because of how sad it is but because of how super inspiring it is.It is a story about how a girl, born different from what is considering ordinary, rose to achieve her dreams while the haters I guess are still talking and not doing much for themsleves. Someone actually told her that she would do  favour if she would kill herself.Someone once said hurting people hurt others. Lizzie took all the negativity that was thrown to her and though it hurt and yes she did cry, she chose to use these as stepping stones to make something out of the cards she was handed.She could have easily played the victim card but she knew that she was better than that and that she can joke about the syndrome tells you she has risen above it and nothing you say to her can break her down. She did not allow her condition to define her, she decided to change the rules of engagement for herself and here she is speaking on TEDx at the age of 24 I think.

Challenge: what good are you doing with the good that the Lord has granted you? Are you busy complaining or are you actually working with what you have to make something of yourself?Are you like the servant in the Bible who was given 5 talents and grew that to 10 or are you like the one who was given one and went and hid it?What are you doing with what you have?

Lord, forgive me

For taking for granted

The blessings you have

So freely bestowed upon me

For complaining every time

About that which I have not

Forgeting to say thank you

For that which I have

Lord forgive me

For living in such a cocoon

For acting like a spoilt brat

Not even realizing

How easy I have it

Not knowing how

Others have it tougher

But still find strength to smile

Lord forgive me

For the times I have

Put others down by my words

Because I understood not

Why they were different

Or because I though myself better

Forgive me for the pride

Lord forgive me

For taking my gifts for granted

Forgive me

For choosing the easy way out

Forgive me

For not believing enough

Forgive me

For being so short-sighted,

Where others have been involved

Lord help me remember

That we all are,

No matter our differences,

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Help me remember

That we are all beautiful

Whether others think it if us or not

Help me remember

That what I do not have,

I do not need,

That everything I do need

You have and will provide

Help me remember,

What I lack,

Does not make me less of a person

It simply means I am human,

Imperfectly perfect.

And help me remember

To deal with those around me

With the same grace

And extend the same mercy

And love them all

Where they are.

Forgive me Lord

Help me remember Psalm 139:11-18


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