You gotta do the work

When you want to be physically fit,you go to the gym;when you want to be intellectual,you go to school;if you want to grow spiritually,you have to spend time with God and His Word.Whatever you want to achieve in life,you’ve got to do the time;for it to mean something,you’ve got to build the foundation first and as constructors will tell you,the foundation of a house is the most important bit and it requires the longest amount of time.The behind the scenes are always the craziest moments but they are the ones that count the most.Jesus started preaching at the age of 30.and he only did it for 3years but the impact still lives on.what does that mean?that if you do the preparation thoroughly,the end result will leave you and others amazed!!!
We are in times where people expect instant things,is it a wonder then that what we produce is wanting and cannot stand the slightest test?
Our relationships;our businesses;our education.the difference is in the time we take behind the scenes building the foundation.we’ve got to do the work.Simple.


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