Busy is a word we use almost on a daily basis.At times we mean it;that we are busy but other times we use it just to avoid doing or dealing with something/someone else.I know I have used it both ways.I have found it a polite way to avoid doing something I don’t want to do.I am not saying it’s right,just being honest.

This question hang in my thoughts when I woke up this morning, ‘what exactly are we usually busy building when we say we are busy? When we find ourselves too busy to do the things that really matter to us personally? Is it really worth it? And at what age or point can we stop being ‘too busy’ to live life and not merely go through the motions and routine and start living deliberately?

When you are at your death bed,what will matter most to you?If today was your last day,what top five things would you do?Those 5 things you list, are the things that make you alive;make you live as opposed to just exist.So,where do they appear on your day to day life with your busy schedule?

Don’t get me wrong.I am not saying being busy is wrong,I am simply challenging us to be busy doing the right things and things that actually are important and matter to us!

I will write up my priorities list and try as much as possible,so help me God,to honour the list. And so then,when I tell someone ‘I’m sorry this can’t happen because I am busy’, I will know I am saying no to something that is not a priority to take time and do something that is a priority.

I know you may think its being rude or mean but how I see it is,we have 24 hours in a day,7 days in a week, 4 weeks in a month and 12 months in a year.Now,if we plan all this time well,i think we can achieve so much more than we think we can!To do anything well,you have to give it your full attention and you will find that when you focus on one thing at a time,you will not only do it well, but you will also use a short time.I’m sorry to say but this is why maybe the male species at times do things better than the female species.For the simple reason that they cannot multi task while we are juggling masters,and truth is when you are competing with someone in the same category where your competitor eats,breathes,talks and sleeps the project,while your attention is semi-divided,your competitor will definitely do better than you.Every coin always has two sides!

I am getting into the habit of planning my day the night before and just list down everything I need to do or achieve the next day and it is totally effective and I find it hard to do something that’s not on the list.At times I allow myself to get distracted by either social media or a conversation with someone that is not very important and the day ends but the list is there.And what has not been ticked off starts the list for the next day.It helps me see what I am not attending to and I get pressure from within but mostly,it always me to get things done,well and in time.So now if you call me and I tell you I’m busy, I can even give you proof of what I’m up to so that you just don’t think I’m trying to get out of something.lol.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Blessed Weekend!



5 thoughts on “BUSY

  1. It all sounds good….but then….you have children….and it all changes….my list has long been thrown away and replaced with just goin with the flow….I am much less stressed than trying to stick to a plan….but I used to keep lists…..enjoy the new year

    • Happy New Year Summerrain!as I keep saying,once the kids check in,your life no longer belongs to you as everything you do affects someone else looking up to you…just plan not to lose yourself all the same.:-)

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