2013:the year that was

It is December 30th,the curtains finally closing on 2013! I am grateful to have this whole way; the Lord knows it has been a roller coaster ride, but one I totally enjoyed. 2013 was dubbed the year of going to the next level and I believe I did just that.Here are some highlights and lessons from 2013.

1. God loves me and He always will and He will never leave nor forsake me no matter how far down I fall. His love is unconditional and He proved it over and over to me this year. I have been at a rut of sorts spiritually but He kept surprising me and reminding me that His love is not about what I can do or not do; He loves me because He is love.I mean I have been saved for a while now but this year, there was some realness in this relationship between God and I and I know for sure that He is real.


2. You will never know until you try. I resigned from a job that I had made a home for 2 years and it was one of the most difficult choices I have ever made. My tolerance level is like way up there and so I can take in a lot and I had been unhappy at this place for a while now and I had talked of leaving for so long but then, I believe indeed that God makes everything beautiful in its time. I toyed with the idea and every day I thought about, together with the support of those close and dear, it seemed clearer and clearer. Now, my sister is the risk taker in the family; I am one of those people who need plans to do stuff but this time round I plunged in and I am still smiling; no regrets whatsoever.I got another job and I am happy being here.I would never have known the other world I am exposed to now if I waited for the plan to be perfect.At times, you just need faith and choose to cross the bridges when you reach them.


3. True friends are a gift that money can never buy. I learned the beauty of friendship this year in some amazing ways. I learned that true friends accept you just as you are and love you where you are. Your joys are their joys; your tears are their tears; your struggles their struggles and yeah tough love is part of the package, when you need it. And I have a number of people who have been amazing but there is this one person Kristin, she has been my better half this year honestly.I do not know how to thank her but I know in her I have a friend to grow old with. There’s Essy Random, Noni, Lin, Emily, Mrs Amadi, Danny…there have been a lot but these guys stood out.Thank God for the friends you’ve got.They don’t come easy.

friends forever

4. Love is about accepting someone unconditionally. When you say you love someone, you mean you love them just as they are and though there are things you could change if you could, you love them the same.You do not keep looking for ways to change someone, instead you look for ways to make them feel loved every single day.Love is a commitment that works best unconditionally.


5. It is okay to let go; at times it’s all you’re left with. I let go of a man I loved but did not love me back. He knew the right buttons to push to make me dance to his music and after two years, it was time to move on. It hurt so much; it broke me but I knew I had given all I had and it was time.I let him go and yeah for a while it was crazy and there were days I did not think I would survive but hey, the year is over, I’m still alive and smiling and I am the better for having walked away. I let go of some bile I had been holding onto for a while.I decided to forgive and move on and again, I am the better for it. I also learned you can’t be friends with everyone and its okay. Spend your time with people who actually add value to your life and share the same values as you.


6. Family is IMPORTANT. there is a quote in my oldest brother’s house that goes something like ‘home is the place where if you have to, they have to take you back’ or something. What it means is East or West, home is best.It does not matter how dysfunctional you think your family is, they are the people who have no choice but to love you and you will fall out but when one of you is in trouble, the shared blood simply takes front seat.Love your family; they are the only one you get in this lifetime and your parents, no matter the fights, treat them with respect and honour them;again, they are the only ones you will ever have in this lifetime!


7. Growing up is hard but totally worth it! I remember as a kid, I couldn’t wait to be an adult. Now that I am here, there are times I wish I could go back to being a child.Life was so much easier then.I mean, my main worry was which team was I going to be playing for or something.Everything else was being taken care of by mum and dad.But well, change has to happen and with growing up comes with all these responsibilities.And the main responsibility is my life. This year, I took back the power to be in charge of my life and stopped playing victim. I appreciated the fact that choices have consequences and I decided that being I get to live the consequences, then I should also make the choices and so now I take my time.I do not do things because someone else thinks I should but because I want to and I know for sure what it means for me.Being responsible for myself has made my life a lot easier…


8. Doing the right thing is somehow one of the most difficult things ever and it never gets easier.I chose the wrong thing some times because it is easier but 2013 through some lessons has taught me that doing the right thing always makes life simpler afterwards.

9. Patience is a virtue that you are best with because life will not always happen the way and when you want it to so to save yourselves some disappointment, practise patience oh plus managing your expectations also saves you heartaches. The saying that man is to err is very very true.

10. Life is for the living. Have fun; mistakes are there to be made only learn from them; love yourself and do not apologise for who you are; whoever does not accept you as you are, please don’t have time for them; figure out what it is that makes you happy and pursue it; find your purpose. and love happens when you are busy doing other things so do not spend your time chasing after it; it will find you.


2013 has been an amazing year for me and it is one year that I will remember for quite a long while.Some major things in my life happened this year and as I take a bow to it, it is with a heart that is full and grateful.

new year







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