Nelson Mandela…the legend

I watched TD Jakes movie,Winnie Mandela and I cannot remember the last time someone else’s life left me feeling so inspired and challenged.

I had never really taken time to fully follow his life;I just knew the main frame.A lawyer;an activisit;imprisoned for 27years;President for 10 years;married three times;one of the world’s greatest leaders. I did not know the specifics and this movie made me respect him even more.

He was once young.He was a man;a smooth one at that.He went on dates;he had a sense of humour;he loved. He got married;was a husband and a father.I mean,he was a man in every way;only one with a vision bigger than himself that give him the strength to go on even when the going got tough.He had a vision and was prepared to die trying to achieve it.

He did not allow himself to be intimidated and neither did he use intimidation.He was firm but never rude.I had kept off watching all the documentaries right after his death because I thought ‘his is a sad story’. Watching the movie though made me realize it is close to impossible to feel sorry for someone who does not consider himself a victim!At his sentencing,he was not mad at his accusers;actually,he paid no attention to them;he only spoke of his vision for his beloved country.And his was for everyone to be equal,and he said if going to jail is the price he had to pay,so be it.He told Winnie,that if a death sentence was the ruling,they would not contest it by an appeal.His vision for South Africa and him had become one.You could not separate them.

He broke down when he heard about his wife being imprisoned.He was a man in every way.He found a way to reach out to her while she was in solitary;a man in love.He encouraged to not lose hope;a leader.And you know understand that God indeed knows our paths and He indeed has our destinies on the palm of his hands.And He will not let you to go through more than you can handle,so when you are facing some crazy times,know that God believes in you and He knows you can because He created you and He knows the stuff you are made of.

Nelson was a man in every way,only extra ordinary.He was humble and peaceable.He knew the end game and everything he did was driven by that.His life is a testimony of ‘it is possible’.It may be crazy difficult but it is possible(whatever it is your vision is).Question is,are you ready to pay the price for your vision?They all cost something.Some times its 27years of your life,other times its being in solitary for a year and almost losing your mind.The sacrifices are of many kinds,are you ready to make them to see your vision come to pass? Difficult questions.

You do not achieve such greatness by being casual about how you do your things.And he makes one statement very true,if you don’t stand up for something,you will fall for anything.And while watching Arrow,one of the bad guys told ‘the hood’ and I paraphrase, I beat you every time because I know exactly what I’m fighting for and the sacrifices I have to make.You on the other hand,are not really sure why you fight or what you fight for,hence you’ll keep losing to me”. There is something about a singleness of purpose;it keeps you focused on the prize and that’s how all who make it really live.

Nelson Mandela the great,was a man whose life was,is and will be a reference point for generations and generations to come.For you to be a leader,you must become a servant.He embodied that. Even when he split with Winnie because of her tainted name at the time,you could tell he was broken but South Africa came first and I think they both understood it and that’s the reason Winnie remained in his life until his last breath.They paid the price of freedom with their lives and love but I believe Mandela loved her like no other,to the very end-the woman who fought by his side for his vision to come to pass!

I cannot start on the invaluable lessons that as a woman I learned now but top of mind,if you do not believe in your man’s vision,think very hard before committing to him for a lifetime.You need to understand and believe in his vision.Worse is if he does not have a vision,then you will be in the category of those who will fall for anything.

REST IN PEACE MADIBA. Indeed the world is saying goodbye to a great leader.

Full of respect,


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