Private Practice…A Shondaland Production

Shonda Rimmes,i totally love her work.Grey’s anatomy,private practice,scandal!this woman is amazing at what she does and i wouldn’t mind meeting her some day.It would be an honour. That aside,private practice always leaves me a tad wiser i think. The situations are usually so real and so easy to relate with.Just finished watching ssn 6 episodes 1-13 and yes Shonda had me crying through most of the journey. Tears of joy and those of sadness.I feel like I know the cast personally.

I love the way Shonda’s work has my emotions all over the place.From making me see the miracle children are when you hold them in your arms to almost not wanting to get pregnant coz of some of the crazy complications that can come with pregnancy.I have learned that life does not always go as we plan and no,fairy tales don’t really exist;they truly are just fairy tales and the happily ever after,well,its a myth,because somewhere along the line,your spouse could suddenly die and without warning and for a while,you are lost.You do not know what you are feeling;you go through the motions until you figure it out.If your partner dies,and they loved you,they will want you happy and they may stick around in your subconscious while you go through the motions but when you find that person who makes you believe in love again,then they leave you;they let you go and allow you to be happy.

Life is not black and white;at least not all the times.Sometimes it really is grey and some times you need to walk away from a situation to see it clearly,be objective and then be able to make the right choice.Some times walking away is what is needed for you to appreciate someone and you must believe that if it was meant to be,then the universe will work around your mess and confusion and it will be,no matter how long it takes.

This too shall pass is a mantra that I will live by forever.There are times we hit certain bumps in life that stall us for a while,but all these is temporal and the sun will definitely always shine again;whether you believe it or not.And we all deserve to be happy no matter what we did or were in the past.We all have a right to be happy so don’t ever allow your past to take that right away from you;EVER and we all deserve second chances in life;people truly can change.

The biggest lesson from Private Practice must be that love always wins and friendship,well its the greatest bond ever;nothing beats friendship. So Shonda Rimmes,thank you for sharing your amazing mind with me.I totally enjoy Grey’s anatomy and Scandal,well,it is exciting like taking a ride on a bike on a highway and riding at a crazy speed but Private Practice,it’s personal favorite because it has been a teacher n guide.It somehow communicates to me and it gives me hope.The lives of the characters are so real and it gives me hope;and helps me look at life differently an enables me to see the colour spectrum that so easily goes unnoticed.So thank you.

P/s:if you read this n u know Shonda,well,just tell her she got a fan of her work who wouldn’t mind buying her coffee some time.



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