As good as your word;captain of your dreams

It has been a while since i was here and to my faithful readers,apologies.My first month after resigning and I can say, not bad at all.It is not the easiest thing;you know,not knowing where your next cash will come from,but it is manageable.I have not slept hungry coz I did not have something to eat and the Lord indeed is Jehovah Jireh,even when we do not notice it.He is in control and as long as you are in His will,you can smile and relax.

We all have dreams.We all have the desire to make it big and we all want to conquer the world,or so i hope.In our dreaming,we need people who will help us on that journey of making the dreams come true.We need people;that’s a fact,the only trick is we need to choose our kitchen cabinet or our advisory board very carefully.You need to surround yourself with people who believe in you and want the best for you coz there is quite a multitude that’s watching you;waiting for you to slip up!So be careful of who you share your dream with.

I have been blessed with friends who believe in me and geniunely wish me well.I have been blessed with people who are more than willing to go the extra mile with me because they believe in me and it is amazing to know I have their support! I woke up today and the thing that was on my mind is, ‘only I know and understand how important my dream is.I am the captain of my dream and hence,no one else can have the urgency needed like me;no one will be more concerned about my dream than me’.

When people choose to walk with you,remember they also have their dreams as well and when their dreams call for their attention,they will rush to work them out first.Yes,that means they may have to leave you for a while but it does not mean they give up on you,so don’t take it personally.And people will pledge,out of the goodness of their hearts and some will be able to honor their pledges in record time,while others,lets just say,may not see the urgency of something happening at the time you want it to.Do not take it personally.You are not in the same boat and so you possibly won’t see eye to eye.So what now?

Just because people support you;just because people pledge to help you;you should not slow down;you should not now take a back seat but keep on going.You should remain focused and almost work like you are alone and when the pledges get fulfilled,well,they will be but do not go now frustrating people about pledges they made.They made the pledges willingly and on that note,they can choose when to honor them.So,have a proper plan for yourself that you know will work,with or without pledges.

I know there are times I have pledged and have not fulfilled because something I deemed more important happened and so I had to give it my attention,but then the Lord is challenging me.That my yes should be yes and my no should be no and I know how disappointed I get when someone says they will do something and they don’t.I always say,you would rather not say anything.And so God throws that challenge to me.He is challenging me to be a person of my wordThat I should be as good as my word.That when I say I will do something,unless it’s a matter of life or death,that I should see it through because truth is,no one usually puts a gun to my head and forces me to commit.I usually do it willingly and so willingly must I honor my pledges.

A lesson to us all.Remember you need to do to others what you would have them do to you.Teach people how to treat you by how you treat them.Give them the manual.We have all been disappointed at the last minute by people who pledged to do or give something towards a certain project but they did not.And we all know how messed up we felt and how we wished we knew earlier that someone wouldn’t see their part through and because of that experience,can we purpose not to cause someone else go through the same?Can we purpose to set ourselves apart and be different and be people of our word?If you are not sure about you delivering,do not commit.I’d rather be surprised by help i didnt know I had than be disappointed by help I thought I had only it does not come through.

Back to the individual.Do not forget that you are the captain of your dreams and so you need to have an intact plan;the course that you plan to take.Let it be solid,no matter how little it seems.Let people come and add to what is there.Let it be your plan is to go from A to D but if someone comes and helps you go to J,so be it but do not compromise the main plan of A -D for anything.

Have your vision and do not lose sight of it.

Have a good one!




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