Someone once said that doing nothing is also very tiring and I 100% agree.It is my second last day to my leaving my workplace and lets just say the last one week has indeed been super random!With nothing much to do other than pick and make calls and even those aren’t that much,it has been nerve wrecking I tell you.I look around and maybe it will strongly hit me tomorrow when I leave these doors for the last time as an employee of this place or maybe on Thursday morning when I wake up and I realize there is no urgency to hurry up and get to the office by 8 or I do not have pending work perhaps.Maybe then it will hit me.

This is the second time I resigning from a place I have employed and for me life has become simple,if something does not make sense to me,I stop it.I have a great deal of perseverance but when I feel my back’s against the wall and I’m almost losing my sanity,and negate talk kind of overshadowing my daily affairs,I know it is time to stop.It is either something changes or I walk.One major lesson learned from my short work experiences is that systems are necessary in a place where there’s more than one person involved.You need systems that are working for you to survive.

Leadership is another very key thing in any workplace.A leader is there to give direction and to help sort out matters and above all to inspire.As a leader,you should have people looking up to you;otherwise you become a follower (wisdom borrowed from Robin Sharma)Your team needs to know you have their back and that you are cheering for them.Leadership is not about titles but about how much you inspire your team.

The work environment needs to be one that inspires creativity and pushes people to want to be better.Create an environment that is friendly while still maintaining professionalism.A happy staff equals happy clients which in return reflects well on the company as a whole.Oh, and your staff is your greatest asset so don’t ever forget that.Try your best to keep them happy;as humanly and business-like friendly as you possibly can.Figure it out.Every business is different so find what you works for you and make it happen.

Always keep it professional. There is a thin line between being professional and friendliness.Find the right balance.Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to be do it.There is a saying in business about under promising but over delivering or something like that.Go beyond what is expected and you can only do this when you are not rushing to meet deadlines.

Time management is another key lesson.I know I love working under pressure but what,you need to learn to manage your time well and wisely.You need to remember that your life is not all about work and you need to make time for every aspect of your life for you to be a whole person.Find the right balance for resting and working and building yourself.Find a balance.Nothing is ever that serious.

Last but not least,be happy.Do that which makes you happy.Your happiness can never be pegged on any amount of money so the moment you stop enjoying what you do and the moment you are not happy, it is time to look for a way to make things different.Do not get comfortable with just getting by.There is more to life.

Soon it shall be talks of how hustling life is all about and going after one’s dreams as that’s what I am doing.




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