keep the dream alive….

It is now exactly one week to me leaving station A to head to station B and things are becoming clearer and clearer.I look at my colleagues and realize that these indeed are my last hours with them, to hear their laughter and their madness and it makes me appreciate them even more.I will miss this family;I already miss them but such is life.

I went to the office balcony.A place where a lot secrets have been shared and wars have been resolved and drinks have been toasted and people have made merry.As I looked at the city center view my alter ego started to cajole me ‘What makes you think you are better than everyone else?What makes you think that you will go out there and make it?What right do you have?Do you know how many people don’t have jobs and how many people have tried such a stunt and failed;miserably?’In another time,I would have been second guessing myself and at first,when I was toying with the idea to resign,I did fight these thoughts in my head.I did question myself and I did doubt myself but not today.Today I had an answer for my fears, using my alter ego and I responded, ‘I do not think I am better than anyone else, simply because I ain’t comparing myself with anyone else.I have people I am looking up to, and these are the ones who have my attention.Those who dared to follow their dreams and are still living them;those who dared to walk on the road less traveled and at the end of it discovered treasures beyond measure.Those are the people I am focusing on.I have spent so much time looking on the negative side of the coin.Telling myself why I cannot and why I should not and it got me nowhere.So,I decided to flip the coin and look at the other side that say I’m possible instead of impossible;I am looking at the positive side and saying yes I can and I will and waiting to see the results that will bring forth.So it is okay for you to try to put me down and discourage me,but I crossed that bridge and all your doubts are a necessary noise,for me to wave my flag high’

I have a vision of where I want to go and that is what I know.I do not know what challenges await me and it is okay as you can only cross a bridge once you reach it.I will deal with each day as it comes and will purpose to be my best at every stage.

Belief in yourself is all you need to cross the roads you thought impossible.It all starts in the mind and once your mind has seen it,there is not knowing what you will be able to achieve so keep the faith and walk the walk and do not let go of your vision for as the Bible says,’Where there is no vision,people perish’

Have a good one.




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