beginning of the end…

Everything has its season and everything happens for a reason.The Bible tells us that there is time for everything under the sun.I guess the reason behind this verse is that we should always be present in every season we are in.We should always live in the moment and fully be a part of it as nothing is permanent;both the good and the bad.So always be present,in every day; every situation; every event; every circumstance for they all have a reason and purpose and if you treat them all as independent happenings,I think you will find life a very amazing experience.

I am 26 and I have had a lot of beginnings and endings.Some,I held onto long after they had ended and that only caused me pain.Some I let go of too soon and I was left with a void but somehow,God always makes everything work out for our good,so no regrets!And I am having another ending as this month ends.I am ending one relationship-professional and going into something new and challenging.I am leaving my place of work to pursue my dreams!I cannot believe I actually took that dive into the unknown,only because I am an obsessive planner and this is very random,so to speak but I am totally excited about it.For once I am doing something for me and on my terms.I am one of those who would never take risks.If I have no idea of the end result,I’d rather not;if I can’t see the horizon from where I am standing,then,I am fine being where I am.But this time round,I guess my dreams were tired of just being spoken about and they wanted to be heard and they said they are not taking no for an answer and so that is my new beginning.

My years in employment at the company I am leaving have been awesome!I have learned a lot.I have grown as a person.I have made some friendships that I believe are forever and I have gone through experiences whose lessons will stay with me forever.It has been amazing and it is a bit emotional having to leave all these awesome people behind but I guess there comes a time when a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.And the support of my colleagues has been overwhelming and I will totally miss them but with all these technology,really?

Any way,this last week will be dedicated to me reminiscing my time in this company.Awesome memories.

You can be all you want to;you can do all you want to if only you believe in yourself and commit your plans to He who knew you while you were in your mama’s womb.Life is for the living;don’t waste it on existing!





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