weak is fine

On usual days, I refer to myself as a very strong woman and I believe I am.I have been through quite some crazy things in my life but somehow,no,not somehow but the Lord has always seen me through them.He has always held my hand and made sure I came out of the other side,victorious and this is one of those times.

I have been hurt,so many times by people I have thought close and those I trusted and there is no deeper wound than that inflicted by those you thought were on your team,only to find they were wolves in sheepskin but that is part of life and part of growing up I guess.

Today is one of those days I let down my guard and I let the tears flow because it hurts so bad.How you do something out of a clean heart only for someone to take it and trash it and it really hurts and I know I have spoken about it,in a lot of anger but now it’s just the pain of the hurt and after this I will be okay.I will be more than okay,I will be great because I know the Lord only has good plans and thoughts concerning me and He does make all things work together for good;even these tears,he will turn them around.

And so whatever it is that’s hurting you,feel it.Don’t pretend to be strong when you really are feeling weak.Allow yourself to fall,if need be.If you do not wave your flag,you will rise up again and be the better for it.




3 thoughts on “weak is fine

  1. This is really deep… I believe that when the moment of weakness comes, just let it out. It is okay to cry.. Its okay to let it out.. Once you are done, you will feel better and you will be okay.

  2. One of my favorite singer Mary J Blige once sang a song called ‘Each Tear’.
    Each tear you cry,there’s a lesson that makes you stronger than you know and wiser than before.That taught me one of the best lessons in life;it is more than ok to cry cos after all is said and done i will not cry for going through some of that stuff that i went through..i will smile because they happened.
    Its very ok to cry.

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