Have you ever been at a place for such a long time and you honestly would like to leave it but something keeps holding you back?I am not talking of a nice place;I am talking of a place that totally pisses you off;a place that you wish you could wish away but its like you’ve got shackles on your feet and no matter how bad you want to, you just can’t move?It could be a person or an experience from your past that you just seem tied to but you wanna break that bond and it takes all your energy?Well, that’s a pace I have been in certain areas of my life and today I was just like ‘I’m done with this BS and I shall not spend any more of my waking seconds thinking or dwelling in the situation’.It’s long overdue; moving on I mean and these stuff have occupied too much space in my mind and I just do not have time for them anymore!

There are people that I once loved and it’s now time to move on from that place. There are some experiences I went through and I have holding onto the scars they left like medals of sorts and it is time to let them go.As in, anything and anyone who is more of baggage than anything else,it’s time to leave them behind and move on with my life.I need to shed off unnecessary stuff coz this journey called life is already hard enough without my adding onto it unnecessary stuff.So it’s goodbye to baggage!

I don’t really know when exactly it happened, the aha moment I mean but that’s not what’s important now.I am letting go of anything and anyone who is not helping my life;dead weight and no this mainly applies to people and things in past.I’m a happy girl.

I don’t know what it is that has you down.I do not know who it is that has some unhealthy power over you,whatever it is or whoever it is,you can actually rise from the ashes and dust yourself off and move on.I am cheering you on.Go live your life.Stop spending it on people who are not worth it… 🙂


2 thoughts on “DONE!

  1. When you’re feeling overwhelmed about how much you have to do (and who isn’t, really?), it’s difficult to focus on ensuring your life and work is moving in the direction you want to go. That’s why it’s important to get control of your daily tasks before working on your big-picture life planning.

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