you are worth…

Instincts are somehow always right.And the saying that a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots is somehow always true. I get it, you totally love him/her.He/she was the best thing to have happened to you(or so you think) and yes he/she hurt you but you have a big heart that can forgive and forget.A lot of BS if you ask me.Once an ex, always an ex.There is a reason why it did not work out the firs time and unless that reason has been worked on,you have no business setting yourself up for another round of heartache but in matters love, at times, experience is the best teacher.We would rather learn it the hard way.When our friends warn us about someone we are seeing, they become our enemies and I have come to realize that your friends will always have your back,even when it means having to say some hard truths because they are the same people who will sit up late with you with a bowl of ice cream as you cry your eyes out.(I;m not sure how guys go about such).

I know I have done this before.Gone back to a guy who caused me so much hurt in the name of ‘i love him and he may have changed’ though I knew full well he had not changed.I was living in a delusional world and until the day I told myself I deserved better and I was worth being with someone who wanted me,I was stuck in a rut.My friends tried to speak some sense into my head but I was in a daze and I did not hear them; at least not until I had had enough and now I know better than to stay in a relationship that has me asking more questions than enjoying being in it.

At times,the fear of being alone disguises itself as being head over heels with someone.Sometimes we say ‘better half a loaf than none’ but if that half a loaf is expired,then it is only poison to you and it will ultimately kill you.At times you would rather enjoy that cup of tea only.I read a quote that says we date who we are and at the level of our self esteem.So, how someone else treats you should be a reflection of how you see yourself.So, just remember you deserve to be happy.You are worth the effort.You deserve someone who will make your world spin in a good way.You deserve someone who is faithful to you and who will treat like the royalty you are.Once you know your worth and start living it,then people will start treating at that same level.It all begins with you and hence my favorite proverb being ‘charity begins at home’.

Have a fantastic awesome day coz you deserve it!




One thought on “you are worth…

  1. Unfortunately I did it again this year and I can promise you that it was the last time. I now know what I would like my relationship with my future partner to feel like, and that is the first step towards being open to receiving this gift. Love is a gift.

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