May we not forget…

Sometimes I wish life was as simple as ABC. I wish that choices didn’t have to be so difficult to make. I wish I had all the answers to my never-ending questions or that i knew how exactly things will always turn out but hten again that is what we call boring. Predictability is boring, right.It is the not knowing that gives us the thrill and adrenaline in life. It is the thinking a road will lead you to a specific destination only for it to take you to a world you had never thought possible. That is what makes life fun; the uncertainty and the unknown and the need for you to hope for the best while preparing for the worst.How does that even work?

My mama was taken ill yesterday and it broke my heart ot hear how low she sounded and when I found out she had been admitted,it broke my heart.She is my mama.My super heroine.She is the one who always knows the right things to say and always makes it okay.Yes we are from different generations and at times the things I go through she may not be able to grasp but still,her wisdom transcends all my confusion and it hurt me so much and the thought that I could lose her frightened me so that I had an emotional breakdown.This was mainly because I know I have not done enough to let her know just how much I appreciate her.For a while I have allowed material stuff to come between our relationship.The fact that I am not able to help her much financially annoys me and angers me so much and I think what hurts most is that I chose not to pick her call when she called me the day prior to her falling sick because I had already judged that she would be asking me for money that I am not able to give her.It’s not the asking that I have a problem with,it’s the inability to help her that kills me.I wish I could provide for her every need without even flinching…

Her health condition though,reminded me of what really is important and relationships are important.They are worth so much more any material thing you can imagine.It is so sad just how materialistic we have become and how we have slowly lost the bond that really does hold us together.I know for a while now,I have allowed material stuff to take a front seat in my life and it has caused me major grief!And it’s sad it took the thought of losing my mama for me to wake up but as they say,no lesson is ever wasted and when you learn it,that’s when you was supposed to get it.So it is not too late and I am making it a point for my parents to know just how much I appreciate them and I will not complain about them ever again,so help me God. I will do the much I can at this point and love them more…

And I will want to apply to every area of my life.The way I deal with my friends and colleagues and strangers and human beings as a whole.That I will remember life is more sacred than anything else and in that breadth treat it as such.That I will respect life and that I will foster relationships knowing that if I was on my death bed it is the important people in my life that I will want around me and not some title or money.It’s the people.

We take each other for granted and often wait to prove the wise saying ;You never miss the water till the well runs dry’ . We assume we will always have another day to say I love you or thank you or I appreciate you when really, time is not a luxury we can afford and as long as it’s not a life and death situation,whatever it is else that you may be working on,that if you think of someone,call them up and just say hi.Take someone for a cup of tea and just bond.May we not allow the technology and the pressures of this world steal from us the one fundamental thing in life,relationships.May we not allow ourselves to be side tracked by circumstances that we become to busy to build our relationships.May we not forget…

yours sad but smiling,


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