Happy Birthday

Dear Self,

Happy Birthday to you. It is a new year; a new beginning.This is the year for you to really get about doing you.I know you care too much about people around you and at times their opinions carry more weight than yours in the desire to not hurt anyone but hun,life is short for you to keep hiding in the shadows of your dreams.It is time to illuminate some light on them and allow yourself to shine.You have so much to offer and the world actually needs you to be living out your purpose for it to be complete.So,Self,it is time to get to the big leagues;it is time to set your vision down on paper and start living it;it is time to take risks into the waters of unknown and figure it along the way.You have been playing it safe for the past 25 years of your life,okay,maybe from 13 because that’s when you started asking too many questions and wanting to concern yourself with so much you lost your childlike innocence.That innocence that simply lived believing everything will always fall into place.That innocence Self,is what I want you to pick up and adopt again,because the whole things falling into place theory still applies to this date,only some of us don’t subscribe to it.

Another thing Self, it is okay for people to walk out of your life no matter how close you were to them.It is part of life because not every one you meet is meant to stay.Some are in your life for a reason and a season and it is very important for you to know this so yo do not end up holding on to someone who’s season is over.It is okay.Stop making people priorities while to them you are just an option.Friendship is a two way relationship so,when you are the only one rowing the ship,it is time to re think stuff.

Anyway,let me not give you too much advise for now,you may end up not remembering any by the time you wake up kesho so, have a happy birthday Self and many many happy returns…





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