Please Stop!!!!!!!!!!!

fearful woman

Please stop. This is not what I signed up for when I said I liked you. I meant I enjoyed spending time with you; being around you is a lot of fun.That is what I meant and when I said I would do anything for you, how was I to know that it would come to bite me? I knew those were sweet nothings that people who like each other say to each other just to keep the flame burning.I did not mean it in a literal sense.

Please stop.Please do not steal my innocence from me.Can’t you see I am but a child in your eyes?You are supposed to protect me,so how come you want to destroy me instead?I trusted you.Believed that you want the best for me.How is it then,that now you will allow your lust to come between the bond we have?A five minute act and I lose a part of myself that I will never ever get back.Don’t you see what this will do to me? You are supposed to know better;you are supposed to do better.Please,please,please, don’t…

Please stop.Take anything else you want but leave me intact.Haven’t I cooperated all the while?Have I not obeyed every command you have given?So why do you want to kill my soul?Why do you want to cause a damage that cannot be rectified?Please, I beg,spare me my dignity.Allow me to be able to go back to my life without a scar that will maybe never fade.Please,I beg,think of me as your daughter…

Wait.Daughter,Sister,Friend,Niece,Grandma,Auntie,Sister in Law,Cousin,Stranger. It somehow does not the relationship you and I have.Our morality has degraded so much that even blood is not an assurance of my safety.As long as you have the need for it,you will relieve yourself not really caring about the aftermath.Lust is what dictates not reason;not even relationship.So are my pleas for nothing?Am I to simply sit back and let you have your way,accepting it as my fate simply because you are stronger?When did my femininity become my enemy?When did my being a female become my curse?When did I become an object for your use and disposal whenever and wherever you feel like it?Isn’t man supposed to Protect?

I will not go down without a fight.You will not rob me of something so dear to me without a fight.I will scream my head off if need be and though you may still have your way,I will have fought you.I will not accept your cruelty and selfishness as my fate for it is not my portion.And I will speak about it.I will make noise about it until someone stops and listens.I will not grow weary of this fight.I will not go down silently.You may have shamed me at the moment;you may have taken my pride away,at the moment,but I am a woman and I am strong and it may take me a while but if it be the last thing I do before I die,I will have to find justice for many more like me who go down silently.I will speak about and against RAPE!

Note to the Victim:

You did not do anything wrong,neither did you ask for it so do not allow yourself to feel guilty.A no means no, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.You have every to your body and to agree or reject someone.Do not,for a second think it is your fault.That is a mentality to keep you a victim for a long while and for the person who hurt you to walk around free.You were a victim of someone’s corrupt mind and you can rise from it.You can live again.It may take a while for you to feel the sun on your skin again but if you free yourself of all guilt,it will happen in due time.And you are still woman enough;you are still whole.You are still beautiful and lovable and you are worthy.It is not and it was not you fault! Best believe.


Moulding Beauty


6 thoughts on “Please Stop!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. am definately sharing and hoping ALL my lady friends read this !! thanks ‘imperfectous’ for fightin against this deadly and prevalent crime !!

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