life is too short.

Life is short;

it is too short for grudges and heartaches

too short for anger and quarrels

too short for negative energy that drains.

be sure to not let the sun

go down in your anger

be quick to forgive and slow to condemn

be fast to understand

and slow to judge

seek peace first before war

for like a flower

we are here today and gone tomorrow

and like a thief,

we never know when it will be our turn;

when death will knock at our door

so live every day like it was your last.

love unconditionally

laugh heartily

smile readily

help often

be kind all the time

live life, don’t exist.

life is too short

shorter than you think

do not let go of any opportunity

to do good to another;

to be a blessing to the other;

fish out your passion and pursue it

and when it is time,

smile as you depart

for you will have lived.



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