It is four days to 26. Yipee!It’s exciting and scary, both in equal measures and why? Because there are some big, no huge changes that are going to take place and I cannot contain myself somehow.I love the feeling though.I cannot remember the last time I was this excited about anything…

At 26, it’s going to be about me and no, not in a selfish kind of way but I will be my own fan.I will stop seeking approval from those around me because I have been approved by God already.I know my worth and this coz I was bought by the blood of Jesus, nothing/ no one can beat that. I am awesome in every kind of way and no, no one else needs to agree with it because the Bible tells me I am fearfully and wonderfully made.I was walking to work today morning and thinking of how I have lived the first quarter century of my life and I almost cried as stuff flashed in my mind.I remembered both the good, great and awesome times; I also remembered the lows and terrible times and I realized I am the better for all of these experiences.I have a lot of lessons to carry with me to the next quarter century of my life and make it an awesome time.

I have loved, deeply and I have gotten hurt badly when the doors were shut on my face while my hopes were so high.I have broken hearts of those who loved me deeply but I did not feel the same way.Life is a viscous circle.I have formed amazing friendships while I have lost some along the way and realized people are like seasons…Some stay for good others are just around to teach you something and then they are on their way and that it’s okay, the important thing is to know who is who so that you do not end up letting go of those meant to stay or hold on to those meant to leave. I have had fights and won and lost in equal measure but each came wrapped with a lesson in them that left me better.

I guess my greatest lesson has been that if I do not believe in myself, then it does not matter if the entire universe believed in me, I wouldn’t be able to do much.I need to be my number one fan and never lose track of my vision.I need to be comfortable in my own skin no matter what because there is none like me.I simply need to do me and be and let everything else fall into place.

I am happy about 26!I am excited.It is a new year, a new beginning, new challenges, new risks and a new year




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