no one like you

Dear Reader,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I am okay, trying to live life to the fullest by letting it flow and crossing the bridges when I reach them. A hard one for me but I am giving it my best shot! I wanna get a bit personal with you today so kindly bear with me.

If you are normal, at one point or another you must have compared yourself to your peers and those around you and as human, you have found yourself falling short in a number of instances, because life is one vicious cycle where you will always have someone better than you and another worse than you.Though we know of this, it still has not saved us from feeling bad about ourselves and wishing we had say, had a different upbringing or gone to a different school or belonged to a different family. We have at some point wished we could change something about us because we saw someone else and they seemed to look perfect and so we also wanted what they have; to be like they are, in an attempt to achieve the illusion of perfection.

I have fallen victim of this time and time again.You know, where you compare yourself and you feel bad about where you are because everyone else around you seems to have it together and all?I had a plan.A plan of where I wanted to be and when and the plan flopped!Big time! Some things happened and others, well, let’s just say life has its own plan and road map.There was a time I was very mad at life and everything about it.Right after high school.I had not performed well enough to go to University and everyone else around me seem to be moving on with their lives.It made me feel so bad about myself, so bad that I avoided these friends who in my eyes ‘had their lives on a roll’. Of course until I spoke to my bestfriend Emily about how much of a failure I was feeling and she told me that we all have different paths.That our paths are not the same and though I may not see it at the time,it will one day make sense.I had had a fight with God where I accused him of so many things but because he is all knowing…I look back now to where I am, I am not where I want to be but I am happy with where I am…ish…

Sadly, we are our own worst critics.We put ourselves down worse than what the whole world combined could.The next time you want to compare yourself with another,be real with yourself and draw up two columns;one with your name and the other with the other person and start putting down the similarities between you and the differences.Put down the things that you both have in common;find out if you actually have the same base to even compete.The most common being age, because most often we compare ourselves to people older than us and who at our age,either were at the same place or even worse.So,be objective about the comparison and find out if you are being fair to yourself in allowing that person to make you feel bad about where you are.

This is the thing dearest, there is only one you; there can only be one you and if you are not being yourself then the world is not complete.The world needs you in your truest and most original form for it to be perfect.It does not need you being someone else’s photocopy because it does not need two of the same thing;that’s why even identical twins are different.

Where do you start from? you may want to know.You start from looking yourself in the mirror and being proud of what you see.Then accepting who you are and above all,loving yourself just as you are.If the Creator of the universe is able to love you as you are, enough to send His only Son to die for your sake,then you can surely love yourself too.You are amazing and no one can replace you.Just remember you are super special and the world does need you to be complete…

A song I love that seems to capture my words perfectly…Especially the chorus.

There is only one of you.




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