proud to be a woman…

I turn 26 on June 21st. Am I a woman or a lady or ?A woman according to a certain online dictionary is an adult female.So I am a woman.Because I am an adult. Lol.

Womanhood is amazing as it is fascinating.I finished reading a book called the Secrets of fascinating womanhood or something like that and it is an amazing book for the woman! I shall derive a lot of inspiration in my writing this series.It is based in the Proverbs 31 woman, who if you ask me is the epitome of womanhood.She is like at the very top level when it comes to women and when I grow up, no,I hope that I will daily become more like her.Let me not wait to get married to start learning.

I was once upon a time a believer of women empowerment.I was at the very fore front actually.I believed that the woman needed to be treated with the same equality as men and I was not going to hear anything short of that!The whole 50-50 madness and all.I was an activist.Then in came Proverbs 31 Woman, the book and my thinking was totally changed!I realized that in our bid to fight for equal human rights for the girl-child,we had gone over board and now we were creating and becoming ‘monsters’ in the name of being empowered and losing our femininity, which is like a flower needed to beautify the world and hence in essence affecting the world’s functioning system or should I say the eco-system.

Femininity has been made to look like weak and all things you would not want to be associated with or by, as an individual yet it is such an amazing gift,if only used in the right way.And the right way is simply being the woman you were created to be.You are an emotional being so let the emotions show,at all times.Be girly,because that’s who you are and I am sure it comes naturally to you without much work.You actually put in more effort in going against that which is natural.

I do not claim to know it all or to have lived it all but they say a fool is she who wants to experience everything first hand while a wise person is she who can learn from the experiences of other people and so,I shall be sharing what I have learned; some personally, others through reading and others still through other people’s experiences.I believe womanhood is beautiful and I hope to get other believers in this quest of women loving themselves as and accepting themselves and just being comfortable being them.

Until next time, enjoy being a woman….




2 thoughts on “proud to be a woman…

  1. The Proverbs 31 woman is the opposite of the stereotypical “spoiled wife” who impulsively buys frivolous items: “She is like the merchants’ ships; she brings her food from afar. She considers a field, and buys it” ( Prov. 31:14 , 16 ). Under the direction of their husbands, women are often stewards of the family budget. These passages describe effort, forethought and judgment being used in this responsibility. Financial habits are often built in adolescence—begin to save now for what the future may bring.

  2. What is the Busy to Beautiful Bible study? Busy to Beautiful (b2B) is a unique ten-week multi-media Bible Study. It takes women on a journey of discovering the timeless principles that created the beauty of the Proverbs 31 woman. This topical study is part Bible study and part pragmatic toolbox—participants investigate practical, real life applications along with hundreds of Bible verses. Who is the Busy to Beautiful study for? The Busy to Beautiful study is for any woman—married, single-again, single—desiring to live in greater freedom. It answers the question, “What would spiritual, emotional and physical freedom look like for me?” What can I expect to learn from the Busy to Beautiful study? People don’t normally put “Freedom” and the Proverbs 31 woman together. Antiquated practices such as “spinning wool” and “getting food from afar” cause women to dismiss this passage as irrelevant or out-of-reach to the 21st century woman.

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