meeting with self

It is that day again when I am just not sure what exactly I am doing on this earth. Now, I get to the office and read the Bible and of course it makes me think and see clearer and so truth is, I know what I want; I know what I am here for, it’s just fear holding me hostage. So I find myself asking, ‘Fear of success or failure?’ I do not know which but I think they interchange. LOL. One day it’s success I am afraid of and the next it’s failure and I cannot keep up. I see my days slipping through my fingers and now I add another fear, of not living out my purpose.What to do?

What to do is to face myself! That’s what I need to do as ultimately I am my own stumbling block…the greatest of them all! And so I need a sitting with me and this to be an honest one on one kind of session. It is now 22 days to me growing older and I am literally shaking as I desire to really live and not just exist, but me talking about it and doing nothing will not help me much, now will it. So I need to come up with a strategy. A strategy on how to make every day count; a strategy on how to apply myself to every thing I do; a strategy on how to make my 26th year on this world count. I need to look at 25 and what I have done. The mistakes made and the lessons learned and decide what I will carry with me to the new year to help me achieve my dreams and goals.

Quarter life crisis, maybe.Mine came late I guess but you know what, I will make it through the rain and I will figure it all out.

My songs for the day, Not a girl, not yet a woman by Britney Spears and through the rain by Mariah Carey… A toast to all who are in this valley; we will figure it all out!



One thought on “meeting with self

  1. Knowing what you want and dont want is such an important thing….you really see much more than you believe you do….I feel confident that 26 is going to be a great year for you….

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