Dead Sea

The dead sea is called thus because it has no inlet or outlet; no movement whatsoever hence nothing can thrive in it. Anything that is dead, does not move. Someone who is alive breathes in and out, hence it is very important for there to be some sort of motion or movement if something/someone is to be considered alive. So,are you alive in your relationship or professional or spiritual life? The number one symptom of a sort of ‘death’ is stagnation!

dead sea

One of my friends thinks I am insane because of how I always out guys I am dating on the spot in asking them to define the relationship. I always thought I was just being a control freak until the lesson from the dead sea made me realize I am rather very normal. 🙂 . See, if we have been at it for a number of months, I will ask you as the guy to tell me where exactly you are seeing the relationship going or where you would like it to go because I do not want to waste your time and most importantly mine.I rather we be clear so that we do not waste each other’s time and I believe after a few weeks of spending time with someone you can tell if you want to move things to the next level or not.I usually say,I do not want to be surprised with a wedding invite where I was expecting an engagement ring so it is very important to be clear on things…

Another example for me would be where I work.I feel like I am not growing being that I am in the same position I was in like when I joined and my efforts for growth seem to be blocked or something.I literally describe the feeling as my brain cells dying daily!As humans I realize we have that inner need to be challenged and to grow and to just become better and all and when this need is not met, we feel rather cheated by life and hence we venture out from our current circumstance to look for something more challenging.Something that will force us to be ALIVE!

That boredom you feel towards something or that need of wanting to know exactly what is happening is very human and natural and hence you should not feel bad about seeking direction.You do not just go to a bus stop and take whatever bus that comes without knowing where its destination is, now do you?Well, you shouldn’t gamble with your life either.I mean, there are instances where not knowing is bliss but not always so the trick is in finding the balance!

Have a very alive day.

Yours Alive,



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