Dream again…

I had a lovely weekend. After the loveliness, some decisions had to be made and being I achieved most of my 25th year goals, it is time to come up with the objectives of 26. The main one being to do me. I have lived my life based on other people’s opinions for too long. I have lived wanting to be politically correct and obeying societal norms but now I stop and ask ‘Who exactly is this society and who gave it/ them the power to make rules and decide what flies and what doesn’t?’ I figured, I am part of the society and as thus, I also have rights to set my rules then. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. What works for you will not necessarily work for me and I am realizing that it is okay. We cannot all be on the same page.

I love reality tv, so my tv is usually between Style Network and E! Yesterday while watching one of my favorites series, I realized that I was watching these characters build their lives and live their dreams while I literally just watched. And it hit me the right way, in that it gave me some motivation to get off my ass and start making things happen for me. I honestly do not like hard work but no pain no gain and so I have to change tactics and how I do my things. I need to start living out my dreams and it’s so awesome that this realization has come now, when I am about to celebrate my 26th birthday, because that means 26 will be a year of dreams coming true. I am ready and prepared to do the work to achieve what it is that I desire…so watch this space…

It is never too late to dream again or to do that which you have always wanted to. Every new day you see is an opportunity for you to make your dreams come true. So do not dwell on what did not work yesterday or what mistakes you did; you can do nothing about that which has already happened but you can most definitely start afresh and make a brand new start to your life.So, go out and live your life


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