time to sow


The wisest man ever wrote that there is a time for everything and for me,it is my time to sow.Time to sow the kind of life I want to live;the kind of person I want to be.It is time to set the foundation.Time for me to sit at the Master’s feet aka God, and learn from him about who I am and who I was meant to be,not merely who I think I should be.Time to align my will with his will,which definitely is better and correct.When we are on the same page,I shall do the exploits of Daniel and his peeps back in the days.

There is a song that I love, Identity by Le Crea. The chorus says: I’m not the shoes I wear, I’m not the clothes I buy,I’m not the house I live in,I’m not the car I drive,I’m not the job I work, you can’t replace my worth,My identity is found in Christ’ and that is my truth. I realize I begin and end with Christ,or that’s how it should be.I have been wondering all over trying to look for the meaning of my existence, everywhere else,but the place I should have looked at,at the Master’s feet and now I am ready to learn;ready to be a student and receive all I can from him he knew me when I was formed in the inmost parts of my mama’s womb.

I have an idea or ideas, of what I want to be;who I was meant to be and I want to pursue that but I also want to be sure of my path.To know that when I decide to set out,it will be indeed in the right direction.Like Moses,I am telling the Lord that if he does not go with me then I shall not leave the place I’m at because I recognize just how important his grace and favor and presence are important for me to achieve my dreams and realize my success.I need him in every single way.

A certain blog that I follow has somewhat been communicating to me.I am sure Mastin does not know me,hell he does not know what I am going through,yet his words have been speaking to me ever so directly it got scary…lol.The power of words I tell you.And he has been talking about just following one’s path and letting go of the fear of the unknown and all and I am like, ‘wow,God,are you trying to tell me something?’ That’s why I need to align my will to God’s will then I will know for sure.What I know for sure though,is that I am not comfortable with where I am and I want change.

The first step is knowing the kind of change I want and how exactly to go about.Not have it all figure out,just the first step.To know where to put my foot.I ma excited and scared,both at the same time.I can feel like there is something great about to be conceived in me.I am ready for it now.I want it badly.I am done with the status quo and I’m ready to spread my wings and fly and find out what is on the other side.

But now,it is time for me to do the digging.It is time to gather information;it is just time to learn.

Keep you posted in this new journey.

Have a lovely day.





6 thoughts on “time to sow

  1. Confidence is key when learning to think on your feet. When you present information, give an opinion or provide suggestions, make sure that you know what you are talking about and that you are well informed. This doesn’t mean you have to know everything about everything, but if you are reasonably confident in your knowledge of the subject, that confidence will help you to remain calm and collected even if you are put unexpectedly in the hot seat.

  2. At the end of the day, rain or shine, we feel very blessed to be here…living on a farm…learning to hold both the dream and the reality, both the beauty and the brokenness, in our hearts. One last time, Lord…in case I haven’t said it loud enough: BRING THE SUN! And when it comes, I’ll have my camera ready to capture all the glory. Blessings to you, sweet friends! P.S. I just had to come back to give you a Friday morning update: THE SUN IS SHINING! It was veiled behind fog early this morning, but it’s now burning it’s way through! GLORY! GLORY!

  3. And just like Mastin speaks to you,You also have a way that reaches out..to me. Everytime am reading your clearly written and neat thoughts,am so reminded of me.Same scripts..different cast i must say.

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