I scroll down my face book friends just to see who’s online. And with every name I have a certain memory attached.I wonder what happened to some as, yes we are friends on face book but we rarely even just say ‘hi’ to each other.Some of those friendships that maybe ran their course or people who’s season in your life are just over.It is not that you fell out or anything dramatic like that,life simply took you to different paths and now you have new people who have somewhat taken the places of those who left.

But can the people we meet ever really be replaced?Can we say that X has replaced Y in my life.To replace is to take the place of,right?Is it possible for one person to take the place of another?Tricks I say.Why?Because every person is unique and so is every experience that they bring with them in our lives.I can never ever have the same experience with X like I did with Y.A rose flower cannot replace a lily.They both will beautify a place;they both have awesome scents,they are both flowers but very different.So no,no one is replaceable…

I stop at each name and remember something unique about the person and realize just how many people have touched me in one way or the other.I appreciate the fact that our paths crossed and knowing that we all left each other without banging the door at each other,that some day, maybe,our paths will cross again and we will pick up from where we left;like we never left.

Friendships are a necessary good…




One thought on “Irreplaceable…

  1. I think like that too looking at my facebook friends….a unique memory I have of each of them…yet like you I rarely speak to these people anymore….I stop by on their birthdays and wish them happy birthday….I look at their pictures but sometimes I think even though I have this warm memory….I am not that person anymore back then….and neither are they…and maybe as much as I wish to hold on to those memories and so forth…maybe I should walk away and make new ones today with those around me now….

    yea…just a thinking over here….

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