flirty friday:beneath your beautiful

Beneath your beautiful is a beautiful song that i believe a lot of people relate with. I for one know I totally relate with it and it is my inspiration for the next words…

You have loved before and you got burned.You gave yourself away and you got hurt when it was all thrown right back at your face when the one you loved,walked all over your heart before she walked away. You could not understand how or why? You thought you had been your best;you knew you had given your best and you found yourself questioning, ‘If my best is not enough, then what do I have to offer?’ And as a man you were taught not to cry;you told being emotional makes you a sissy,but on this one occasion, you could care less.It hurt so much and as you picked up the pieces of your broken heart,you let the tears stream down your face.You allowed yourself to feel the pain,every inch of it.You let it all wash all over you.You felt every emotion of that moment and you held them dear lest you forget and allow yourself to go through that again. You had played the fool once,and once was more than enough times,in one lifetime and so when you rose from your place of pain and hurt,so did the walls.The walls came up to protect you from ever having to be so vulnerable and you have fortified them with every breath you take;and every step you make and you have found some sort of fake comfort in your solitude;in never allowing love to come too close.In walking away every time you feel she is about to catch you as you wear your heart break as a medal around your neck…

I know.I have been there before.I have had my heart broken and had people walk out on me.You do not have to believe me but it is true and here you are.I look at you and my heart wells up with so much emotion I know not what to do with.I dream of you when I close my heart and as I can feel your hurt in your words,I wish to be the one who will heal you.I wish to be the one who will wipe away your tears,those you are yet to cry.I wish to be the one to hold your hand in your darkest moments and be the shoulder you can lean on.I long to be the answer to most of your questions and to help you find solutions to those I cannot answer.I wish to be the one who will break down your walls,one brick at a time,kissing every and any scar that they may have caused.I wish to be the person who makes you believe in love again.

You are not perfect,neither am I.We can be two imperfect people who find perfection in being together.You can let me see beneath your beautiful and I vow to love and accept every piece of you;every scar,every pain.I will embrace it all and make it mine.


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