Social Thursday

I had mentioned about some modeling auditions. To catch you up, I am registered with the agency and I start my Cat walk and make up training tomorrow, and this we do in shorts and a vest. I will see if i can sneak a photo to show me at work…lol.

It is a new journey.I am excited about it.Let’s see how this one goes…

Other than that for today, there’s only so many times you can apologize; there’s just so many times you can be sorry.We are human and man is to err. So I have learned that you be true to yourself and the person you have hurt.Be truly sorry and truly ask for their forgiveness. What they do after that is not on you. Whether they trash your apology or accept it is up to them. Whether they decide to give you a second chance or give you the boot, it is still their choice. Plead your case and allow the hurt party, which is the jury, to give it’s verdict and though at times it may not be what you hoped for it to be, once the verdict is passed, accept and respect it and move on.

Everything happens for a reason.

Enjoy your Thursday!runway


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