Spiritual Wednesday… JudgeJudy

If there is one lesson that I thank the Bible for teaching me it should be ‘DO NOT JUDGE OR YOU TOO WILL BE JUDGED…’And for the longest time it was just a verse like John 3:16.You know,one of those things you were either taught in Sunday school or you have heard so many times and so you will quote it just for the sake. I cannot remember the eureka moment but some day it hit me just how imperfect I am yet the Lord still loves me and that it is not dependent on what I do.His love is constant.

When I look at myself,honestly and critically, I realize just how much of a fallen person I am.I have done and said things that would warrant my imprisonment yet I go free because of the grace of the Lord and so I decided that I had and have no rights to point fingers at someone.Correcting and judging are two different things.Correcting is what our parents do when we mess up.Judging is what we do when our friends mess up.Your parent does not ask you  ‘how cold you do that?’ They probably will give you a beating first and then tell you not to repeat it again.Some will go the extra mile of explaining the beating but most (African parents) mostly,will believe the beating to have spoke for itself!And so the next time the same situation comes around you will know better than to indulge.

Christians of today I believe, are the modern day Pharisees of back in the day.They who always placed themselves on a very high pedestal,believing they were better than everyone else.The moment you think that,is the moment you should be on your knees confessing your pride!I think there is something I did that I had vowed I would be caught dead doing that made me realize just how weak I am and I made a mental not,never ever to go like ‘Oh my gosh!How could you?’ I realize that we all fall short of the glory of God and so I try to treat others with the same mercy that has been granted to me.

I am not seeing it is easy to bite off my tongue and keep it from going on and on but it is a conscious decision I make and when I find myself wanting to say something bad about a mistake someone has made I just go like ‘I do not have a right to judge’ and it saves a lot because most gossip stems from people thinking they are better than others and hence wanting to remove the speck in their neighbor’s eye! Even when someone makes a comment like ‘Gosh,I can’t believe she did that?’I go like,’I really cannot point a finger at her/him because I am no better!’It is important for one to make this realization to save oneself a lot of back and forth with people.

Do not judge or you too will be judged. Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you.And do not for one second think that you cannot fall into a certain mess because the universe can just put you in a similar position to prove you wrong. So be careful before you point out a speck in your neighbor’s eye and like Jesus said ‘Let he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone’



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