your hurt me but i forgive….

It has been a crazy two weeks for me.One story after the other, you would think I am a celebrity of sorts.What, with all the different stories coming up?I realize people can be very creative,in the wrong way I guess.The last time I was in the same situation was High School. You would think I learned the ropes to deal with back biting back then but I guess every time it happens it is a nice experience because the setting is different. And so many innocent people have ended up getting hurt.I did apologize for the ones I know of.

My journalistic side led me to do some investigations.Trying to find out who said what only to end up deeper in the maze and so I finally quit and decided you know what,it is a free world and every one is entitled to their own opinion.Believe what you want really.If you have heard something about me and you did not come to ask me about it and you changed your opinion of me,you know what,it is fine.It is okay.I cannot possibly be friends with everyone.It would be too much work trying to keep up with them all.So it is fine and truly I choose to have the I don’t care attitude.I am reminded of the verse that the battle belongs to the Lord and wonder why I even thought I could fight this one for myself.All I achieved was fatigue.It is a lot of work trying to make people see things from your point of view.And so I have decided it is okay.

I have forgiven.It sounds even weird coming from me but this is a baggage I have carried before and it weighed me down so much that I am not interested in grudges.What is, is I now know the true colors of people and I have placed them in their respective classes.I have forgiven knowing that people who talk about others have a lack in their own lives that they do not know how to fill and so they think by bringing someone else down, they will feel better.For others,that’s just who they are.They are just malicious and they are happiest when others are suffering. I will not be their prey.So,I will rise from the ashes caused by their burning words and will move on with my life like nothing happened.My best friend told me to let go and pray for good things in their lives.She told me the universe has it’s way of balancing things on its own.

I do remember my sister telling me back while I was in high school that society wouldn’t be complete without such people and so I should just not let them bother me.And yes just say a prayer and wish them well.So to all who have hated on me for whatever reason and have been part of the log that has spread the fire for tarnishing my name,may the Lord,simply grant you the desires of your heart.I have no hard feelings and I have let go.Forgiving really is a gift to oneself.

I woke up a bit low and grumpy but I go to sleep with a smile on my face.

p/s: that;s why I call myself imperfectous,I aint perfect.

yours truly,



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