good bye

it’s the saddest thing that we ever have to do

to turn our backs on something that means something

to walk out out and shut the door

as if never to return

to walk away; so far away

as if never to look back

a part of us,left behind

a part we can never recover

a part that we try to forget

as memory hurts too much

a part if we had our way

we’d hold on to, forever.

everything that has a beginning has an end

smile because it happened;

don’t cry coz its ending

so some wise person said

then they had no idea

how much endings hurt

but he did understand

the end of one road

is often the beginning of another

I say goodbye

not forever i hope

but for now i say goodbye

and if ever our paths cross again

i shall know you are mine for keeps

for now i set you free

scale the skies and enjoy the moments

find your path and be happy

it hurts; yes it does

but we both know

that right now,

I’m not what you need.

yours always,



3 thoughts on “good bye

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