Stories inspired by tossing a YOYO

In todays blog, someone sent me a set of questions that  am supposed to answer honestly, and then tag another blogger who I follow, and they are also expected to answer and then tag another blogger….

So lets get straight to it. Hehehe, wow!

  1. I Admire … my mama. I just marvel every day at her strength, her wisdom, and the LOVE that she has in her. Truth be told, I get so much strength and encouragement from her. She makes things right, always, when the tides rise up, as they always do, trust my mama to help us sail through.
  2. I Am Not… perfect. I have flaws and I am aware of them. I am too self-opinionated. Sometimes I come out as conceited. I am too removed from the universe; I seem to care less about the things that go on around me. I sometimes get very moody, I…

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