your choice;your life

Life unfolds as you want it to.Yes I know there is a Hand that is also at work but He does not dictate.He will share His thoughts on what you should do but leaves it to you to make the choice.The choices we make, consciously or unconsciously, affect directly, the kind of lives we lead.

When faced with a situation,you can’t control the situation but you can control how you deal with it?Will you react or respond?The choice is yours. A lot of us complain over what we do not like about ourselves and we point fingers and blame everyone and everything else but ourselves. That’s why we almost end up getting shocked when we hear quotes like “no one can hurt you without your permission” you cannot understand this quote because you do not know the kind of power you have.You choose the kind of life you ultimately live,with every decision you make.Every choice is like a brick in a building and before long,you end up with a house,or a structure,depending…

Your choice; your life.




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