take care of your staff…

Today, I am mad and enraged and all the words you can use to describe the emotion of anger! I have said it here before, I am a sponge.I observe other peoples feelings.Like i empathize with people.When someone is hurting,it becomes rather personal to me and so today I am venting on behalf of other people.

Work.We all work,whether for ourselves or for someone else,we all do some form of working.I was blessed enough to be able to run a new company for a year.Something I had never done and through the many complains of doing something you have no idea of,I learned quite a lot and the most important of them all is that,your staff is your treasure so treat them as such!

The company I helped run is a courier company and it was just me and the riders.They were only two but they still are staff and they made the business possible.They made it possible for our boss to get some returns.Okay not really because the first year in business is like a wilderness moment-you are simply trying to survive.A friend of mine who owned a car bazaar at the time told me to expect to enjoy profits in your first two years in business is to dream a very pipe dream!He said the first three years actually,are for you establishing yourself in the market and that if you survive these,then you can be confident about being around for a while.This is just a word o advise to all out there who are straining their staff for profits and yet no one really knows who you are.Business is not easy so relax….plus,you have to spend money to get money.Just saying.

Back to the staff.As the owner of a business,yours is to provide a conducive environment for those helping you achieve your dream to work in.Dissatisfied staff =to bad or no business for you.Your staff are the engine that drive your company and if not well serviced,let’s just say,the car will sit and look pretty with not much help to you.Your staff know your company almost better than you do and so you really want to be nice to them because a high turnover rate will also work to your detriment so do not pride yourself in there being too many people looking for jobs.If it is a great place to work,then why are people leaving?That will be the unspoken question.

Treat your staff with respect and dignity because they are human and you actually need them.You may think they need you more but you both need each other,and more so you as the employer,so be careful how you handle them.I ma not saying give in to their demands or whatever.Of course you have structures of how your company should run but just be careful not to make them feel like they can do better without being your employee and simply come to work because of the money and not because they enjoy what they are doing?Why?Because when they start working for the money,they will not give you their very best and you will end up giving mediocre services and we know clients won’t deal with mediocrity if they can get excellent services elsewhere,even if it means paying more.

Just a few friends who have complained to me about where they work and how they feel so unappreciated and taken advantage.How their employers care nothing about their health and their general well-being just that the work be done!The interesting thing is that all the major companies that are very well known,make their staff feel like jewels and in return,they get the very best from them because they are happy and satisfied at an individual/personal level.It matters in the long run.You want a staff that is proud to wear your brand not a staff that helps bring it down because every time they talk about work it is one complain after another.

demotivated employees

Take care of your staff.That’s all I’m saying!


disgruntled sponge

moulding beauty.


7 thoughts on “take care of your staff…

  1. Some people are born leaders and know exactly what’s required to run a successful business but most of us are not and therefore training programmes have been developed to improve leadership skills to lead strategy, lead teams of people, lead change management programmes and adjust and manage the company politics that’s associated with change.

  2. Awesome writeup here. Perhaps what I say is cliche, but I see the downfall of my country strongly attributed to relationships taking over every aspect of running everything from corporations to our government. Relationships over the qualified. Personal agendas now dictate every decision. And yes, my jaw drops at the number of “managers” I see that are totally unqualified to do so.
    Anyway, have a nice weekend! 🙂

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