to love and to be loved

we all would love

to have that fairy tale ending

and they lived happily ever after.

yet times, heartaches,

is all we have to show

for our quest at a happy ending.

somehow never getting it right

loving the one who loves us not

being loved by the one,

we’d rather not.

yet somehow,

no matter how painful

the last bite was

we find ourselves,

opening up to another chance

we never let the candle of hope

die out.

we hold onto it

believing the next one

indeed will be different

and through the tears,

we find our silver lining

and though we say it’s the last time

to play the fool for love,

the next time it comes knocking,

we open the door to our hearts cheerfully

for to love and to be loved,

is a need we cannot ignore,

it has to be quenched…


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