is it worth it….?

I am finding myself to be rather emotional today. I do not know why, but I just am. Times I wish I had all the money in the world to ensure that the people i love never lack anything that is necessary that they may be in need of.It literally pains me when someone I care about asks me for help and I cannot give it to them because I am limited.If I was to be rich,it would be so as to help them out.Yeah,I am a sponge kind of person.I absorbed the emotions and feelings of those around me and i empathize.

I find myself asking questions about some of the things I do with myself and with my time,are they really worth it?I think about my death every so often and my greatest fear is to die not having lived.To die without having made a difference;an impact.To die without having fulfilled my mission on earth.And what is this mission?In my hearts of heart,I believe my mission is to simply be there for people.To be like a crutch.Putting smiles on peoples faces makes me happy.Being there and listening to someone and helping them out of a difficult situation is the one thing I can do night and day without tiring or any complaints.I have been through some trying times(i know so have you…lol) and I remember T.D. Jakes once saying that what you go through today is not for you but it is for someone else,tomorrow.Meaning,we go through stuff so we can help someone else who may find themselves in the same predicament.It is not in vain and my alias,moulding beauty,is all about that.It defines my purpose I believe.To bring out the best in those that I am blessed enough to cross paths with.To look at every new friend as a soul to be a blessing to.To ask myself  ‘how can i be of benefit to this person?’ and not ‘how will this relationship benefit me?’

I want to be that person who thinks of how to make an impact first and then herself second.It is more rewarding if you ask me.I want to be a blessing.I want my fragrance to be like a sweet aroma.I have been feeling like I am simply floating around but now it just hit me what my identity is.I have always known it,I am a simple girl inside who puts up a complicated front to sort of protect myself from the bad wolves but not anymore.I am going to let my little light shine and I will be me,in every aspect of my life.

I love my family to bits.I just felt I should say that and I am going to make this year count by making a significant difference to my surroundings.

yours always,

moulding beauty.


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