know your worth

It is easy for us to find our worth from the things we do or own or the things we have gone through. At some stage in our lives we have had tags given to us by other people who thought they knew us or understood us and they called us names and we resisted for a while and then something happened that sort of proved the name calling and we somehow started to believe that perhaps it is true.That maybe we really are what people have been calling us.Well,we are not.

Circumstances do not and should not define us.What you go through in life has nothing to do with you;it’s just life and how it is. Some of us have it rougher than others, some of us our paths are smooth but we all have our battles;little skeletons hidden in some closet somewhere that we are always afraid to look at and confront.And yet it is by confronting our fears and skeletons that we deal with them.

I have at some point lived up to the tags I had been given. I ended up believing them and my world became confined and defined by them.I could not somehow rise above the name tags, at least not until I confronted whatever it was that i felt led to them.It is a scary route to take but worth every step.When you finally free yourself from all the tags and realize you are so much more,like Dstv…lol

The trick is not to hide from whatever it is that happened,but to face it.Cry if need be.Punch a bag,go on top of a mountain and scream if that will help you. Do whatever you will need to do to arise from that situation and be free of it.Because you are worth so much.You have the breath of the Creator of the universe in you,that alone should count for a lot! And you are amazing just the way you are.There is no one else in the whole entire world like you. You have got something to offer the world otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You have a purpose and you job is to figure out what that is and work towards achieving it. Do not be too bothered by what the other person is up to,mind your own business. Leave your mark on this earth that once you are gone,generations will know you was here.It can be the simplest of things.

Today I come to remind you that you are worth so much more than any currency could ever afford. You are worth being excited about and celebrating over.You are full of worth no matter what everyone else says or thinks, and that is final!

yours humbly,



4 thoughts on “know your worth

  1. maram96, thank you for stopping by and for commenting and yes,been there,done that,got a t-shirt,its time to spread the word…lol.its amazing how we settle to the status quo…

  2. Really liked this post. It’s very true we tend fulfill the prophecies or labels given to us by other people, when usually they aren’t true. Sometimes this stops us from being who we truly are, and sometimes we fail to see the truth and our strength. We need reminders like this to know that we aren’t defined by others.

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