noble character….

A wife of noble character who can find?She is worth far more than rubies.

This question almost makes it sound like it is quite a task to find this wife,who of course is a woman first. So, what does noble on its own mean?

honorable; principled; moral; decent;upright; gallant; polite; self-sacrificing;magnanimous; virtuous;just. Those are quite the adjectives to describe someone don’t you think?No wonder such a woman/wife is worth far more than rubies!

So now,when you look at yourself,and by looking at yourself here i mean your character,do you have some resemblance with this woman/wife?Do you think the people who know you can describe you as noble?

You may, as most humans do,when challenged,decide that it is impossible.I think it is possible and my desire is to become this woman/wife of noble character.It is not easy,being that i am the modern woman,who…Nope.I am not she.I believe in the whole,man is the head of the family business and as a woman i am to submit.I want to be the best wife possible but I have to start by being the best woman possible,meaning i have to learn the art of being noble now!

Operation measuring myself against the Proverbs 31 woman and see how short i fall and what i can do to match up my game.I am a Christian.I believe God created me and i believe His Word;the Bible is my manual on how I should be operating.Now, I very much appreciate the tips given in magazines and talk shows and on books on how to be a proper woman,but ultimately i go back to the manual to fully understand how i should carry myself around and so,i believe i can achieve that status because it is in the Bible and the Bible tells me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.The journey is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “noble character….

  1. Hello, I was looking for the post and came across your blog. Good words, I ask Allah (God) to guide you and help us become if noble character!
    At first I thought you are Muslim, because what you have stated is similar to what Allah tells us that good people are for good ones.
    Us Muslims believe in the Qur’an as word of Allah, because it can’t be initiated. You may learn about this subject from here:
    Coming back to the above topic, Islam teaches us that keeping company with good people also changes our character, as the last Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace said that the example of a good person is like perfume seller, you don’t buy from him but you get good smell from them (words to that effect). If you wish you may join the Muslim sisters network: – any sister is welcome – Muslim and non-Muslim 🙂
    Take extra care,
    Wasalaam (peace).

  2. Asma’ was one of the most noble personalities, yet was veiled and shy in front of men. She refused to be with men, mingle with them, ride among them or go with them – and by Allah, the men being talked about were no ordinary men! They were the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) and his Companions. She served her husband as a true wife should, staying at home to take care of her household. She was very careful at guarding and preserving her honor, and the honor of her husband. Did she ever pressure az-Zubair by reminding him of her honorable lineage as the daughter of the noble Abu Bakr? She was patient for the hardship she went through, and was loving and respectful towards her husband. Can a woman be richer than Asma’?

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