finding the right fit

Good morning,

For the next few days, when you visit this blog, you may find different themes happening.Kindly bear with me.I am trying to find the right fit.The theme that I will want to carry on for the next say 6months.Change is scary yet it brings with it new experiences,so,be patient as I try to work this out.

It’s like when you go shoe-shopping.You try out different sizes and colors and designs until you find the one that seems to be speaking to you.You just do not pick the first thing that you see,unless you are desperate,which is one of the worst states to be in because when the sun goes down you will realize,it never is that serious and you will almost hate yourself for picking something you did not like just because you felt pressured to do so.

Yes,that’s what I am saying.Do not bow to pressure if it takes away your sanity.You will realize that desperation comes from a feeling of being cornered and this often happens due to other factors.If it is the time issue,you will find you wasted some time doing other unimportant things which ate away at the time for the important something,which you feel you cannot postpone.So,keep time.Do things when they are supposed to be done.

Doing this allows you enough time to have options.Keeping time.Following procedures,when need be and it is the same with our relational lives.When you decide to use your younger years to be focused on your career and nothing else.You wake up one day,look yourself in the mirror,notice the wrinkles and how so very cold it gets outside and you decide it is time to get a partner to settle down with.And yes your family has also been on your case about slowing down and looking for someone…And then you think to yourself that you are late.You now notice how in your circle of friends only two are single and you are one of them and you start feeling the pressure and you let it get to you and then desperation checks and you see with desperation,you do not think pr see clearly and so the first person that crosses your path and seems to have what it is you are looking for you taking them in,without much consideration,only for you to regret later.You could have spared yourself all the hustle and bustle if you would have just taken time earlier on to sample and hence end up with your right fit.

This applies to almost all areas of our lives where you know a decision at some is imminent.When you do things one step at a time instead of waiting for last minute,you will find yourself to be more relaxed and happier.

Bear with me as I try to find my right fit for the blog. 🙂

yours humbly,

moulding beauty.


7 thoughts on “finding the right fit

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