HAPPY 2013….

Happy New Year to you all!!!2013 is here and we are already on its 8th day!Does time fly or does it fly?It is good to be back here.Back to writing.I had gone for a lil vacation and now back and ready to act.My main theme for this year is ‘ACTION’…2013…THE YEAR OF ACTION. At the end of 2012, I found there are a number of things i had achieved but many more which i had only talked of but done nothing about and so that’s what this year is about.It is about actually doing stuff.Not wishing them.Or,I can wish as long as i go ahead and make the wish come true,by doing what needs to be done.Do I have specific goals?Of course I do but this year again,I am making SMART goals and as we know Smart is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable(not too sure),Realistic, Time Bound. This keeps you from running around like a headless chicken trying to accomplish 27 different things.I started the year beautifully and I intend for it to continue on the beautiful trend.I will make sure of it as I will make it happen.

So to you all,I hope you will make this year count and work.That you will actually do the work that needs to be done for your dreams to come rue.Take the risks you need to take.Let it not be a repeat of last year.Let it be a new experience to you and to those that you love.Thank you for following,for commenting,for stopping by and just reading my words.

I look forward to a super fantabulastic year and I commit to write daily, at least.

one love.

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