2012,the year that was.

2012 has come to an end. I look at the months passed and wonder where the days have gone to.It looks like only yesterday when,that happened and that other thing and yes, we are living the last days of 2012.It has been an up and down year for me with lots of lessons and heartbreaks and joys and losses.It has been the full roller coaster.

A few of the lessons i have learned:

1. Being true to yourself is one of the single-most important things in ones life.When you face reality as is and stop trying to be who you are not, then it becomes easier for you to smile more often.p/s:do not ever apologize for who you are.

2. Groups and friends are a beauty to have but always remember at the back of your mind that you are an individual first,before anything else,hence,do not get lost in groupophobia and end up losing yourself and your path.

3. you cannot be friends with everyone.Sad but true and it is ok.The sooner you accept it,the simpler life becomes,when you stop pushing yourself.

4. Death is real.Somehow until you lose someone very dear to you,it seems like something that happens to other people.Do not postpone things.If you want someone to know how much they mean to you,do it at the instant you think about it;you never really know.Like the song if tomorrow never comes… R.I.P. Miss Paula.

5. Dreams do come true. If you work at them with enough conviction and never lose focus of the goal no matter what,you actually get to reach the stars.Believe in yourself.You have what it takes.

6. Mistakes are part of growing up,do not beat yourself up too much when they happen.Pick up the pieces and move on.

7. Love is a beautiful thing.When you get a hold of it,enjoy it for as long as time will allow it to last and when it is time to let go,do not be bitter about it because when love takes away one,its because there is another on the way.And we will never understand why love,such a beautiful thing,at times hurts so badly,but remember that it also heals all our wounds and wipes away our tears.

8. Family, no matter where you are or how bad you think they are,will always be family and they are the people who will always take you in,no matter what.So love them unconditionally.No matter what,just love them and spend time with them.

9.God is good and He is faithful and He loves us unconditionally,even when we think we do not deserve it,He still loves us.

10. You only live once.Life is no rehearsal so do your best to make the best out of it always;at all times.

This may be my last entry of 2012.It has been a great year.Thank you to all who follow me and those who bump into my page,and stop long enough to read what is written and comment.I appreciate.Writing is a love of mine.And I am more than happy to share my love with y’all.

Have  a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR and may the Lord God order your footsteps and may you have a smile on your face,every waking day of your lives.



Moulding Beauty.


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