lessons of two and a half decades…

I am 25 years of age and i find myself questioning a lot of things. I am definitely not where i want to be but I am making progress. I am not where I used to be. I did move out, something I had aimed for after I turned 25, so a pat on the shoulder from me to me.

As I was walking to work, i found myself asking if I have learned anything in these two and a half decades I have been on this earth? Am I the wiser, now that I am older? They say wisdom comes with years. I do not know how true that is.I would think it comes more with experiences.Another saying, growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.So,yes,it is the experiences that you face that give you wisdom once you have crossed them.

I shall not blow my own trumpet and say I am wiser than anyone.I do know that life has dealt me enough tough blows and now that the scars have healed, and some still healing, I can comfortably say I am the wiser about a number of things.Whether I actually put this found to good use is another question but nevertheless, I have it.

To share just but a few of the lessons I have drawn from my life:

1) It truly is never that serious.Life,follows the path you choose for it.You call the shots.

2)Grudges are a waste of time.People are imperfect and thus they will disappoint you,so,lower your expectations of humans.Have it at the back of your mind that we all have a very large capacity to hurt each other and err.Once you know this,it will become easier to overlook a fault.

3)Once bitten, twice shy. A very true proverb.Now,this does not mean you do not forgive,simply means,the next time you are in that are you were mugged,you tread a bit more carefully.

4)Forgiveness is indeed a gift to self.Revenge never really achieves much.It never undoes what was done and neither does it make the pain go away.No one is worth the effort.

5)Love is the greatest of them all.Love,love and love some more.It is easier to understand people when you love them.It does cover a multitude of sin.

6)Learn the seasons of life.There are people who come to your life for a season and a reason.You need to be careful not to hold on to someone who’s season is over or let go of someone before their time.Of course there are those who come into your life and they are meant to stay forever(Love you Em)

I guess that’s enough lessons for one day.Thank you all who stop by to read my random thoughts and for those of you who even stay long enough to leave me a comment.



7 thoughts on “lessons of two and a half decades…

  1. Young and wise… if at 25 you come this far the next 25 will make you see. Keep your eyes as open as your heart is and you will grow more beautiful with time.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I remember when I turned a quarter of a century….thats what I called it then…now I am about to turn twice that next year…life is indeed a journey and it seems that you realize so many things already….definately dont forget that love part….love everyone….it will indeed fill your heart in all things you encounter…

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