Womanhood is beautiful

Before I say anything else, I would like to thank everyone who stops by to read through my work and take time to comment. Thank you.

I do not know if this is happening the world over or it is just in my beloved country, Kenya ‘THE GIRL-CHILD CAMPAIGN’ that has led to woman empowerment?In my country, the plight of the girl child has been advocated for but as they too much of something is poisonous,now i believe that something that was once meant for good has now turned out to be a tragedy.

For the longest time, the girl child was neglected.Subjected only to do the household stuff and her education was not considered very important and i think this is where the rights’ fight started from. Where NGO’S started saying that male and female deserve equal opportunities in life, which i agree with and this was the positive but what it has become today is spreading the message that ‘what a man can do,a woman can do better’ so we are having a crop of women who are trying to be twice a better man.Yet, that is not possible, man and woman are different and no matter what we do,we will never be the same or equal.I am not saying one is better than the other,I am simply saying both are different and we were put here together to complement each other because there are things that are uniquely in men only and the same for the women.

The point we started spreading the message that we have to beat men is where we lost the plot.A friend of mine once said that a woman without emotions is a man.We are emotional and it is not a sign of weakness it is just who we are.As women, I believe we should embrace ourselves,as we are, and look within for the wit to go through life instead of trying to do what men do twice better.

The point where we were made to believe that the female sex is weak is again where we missed the brief.Physically, definitely,their body build is stronger but that is as far as it goes.Given the same opportunities,I believe we can and we do,achieve the same results.Healthy competition is definitely good,as long as it is not biased.

I have digressed from my main point.This was supposed to be about the monsters that woman empowerment has created.More like I have taken the longer route.We now have a crop of women who are high achievers and somewhat base their worth on how much they earn or the positions they have instead of first,just being proud to be a woman.House wives are looked down upon as women who lack ambition or something like that.Women look down upon doing house chores, what,with their nails all manicured,what time do they have.We have created the corporate woman and forgotten about the woman in her natural state.Do I mean house chores are what define us?Definitely not but ever heard of a man buys the house,the woman turns it into a home?

We have that special quality to give life to things and people…And if we walk away from that because we believe it makes us weak,then what are we left with?It is the way we take care of the little details in between;we fill the spaces.Men do not have the time,they are very basic.We are their rainbow.We are the flowers that brighten their world.So,what would attract hem to us,if we are working so hard,to lose that which is us so that we can become them?

I believe that man is the head of the family,regardless of whether I am earning more or not.Once you get married you cease being him and me and become I.you become one,and that should translate in every aspect of our lives.I have no problem submitting to my man,because I am confident in who I am and it does not make the lesser person.It’s just how complementing each other works.

I think women should be empowered,but they should not be made to lose their femininity on the way.They should be taught to embrace themselves as they are and not to be made to feel like they are less just because they are women.

i have kinda lost my trail of thought after having o attend to other issues.I hope I communicated.Celebrate your womanhood.It is something beautiful.Very beautiful.




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