It’s beautiful. The weather is but more so, the point I am at in my life. It is amazing. How? Well, I made a decision and sticking to it makes me feel amazing!!!!!!!!!It is not easy, I will tell you that for free, but I love the feeling I have every evening because I stood my ground.Being faithful to oneself is awesome.And the decision was made even easier, when I decided to face, instead of run away from the facts.And for once the saying ‘ there’s no hurry in Africa’ is being used to attain positive results.I decided to take one day at a time. Not to worry about what I will do tomorrow.To just be concerned about today;I think I should revise it to just being concerned about the now.I mean,that is all the certainty I have, right?

Life is beautiful and Mastin, a blogger I follow, once wrote that the only thing we have control over is the meaning we give to the circumstances in our life and I could not agree more.Stuff that happens, we rarely can control but how we react to the happenings and how we let it affect us is up to us.And as my boyfriend keeps saying that I love to be in control.I think I will come clean and say it is quite true and so if being in control means me deciding the meaning i give to circumstances and events, then I’m in and I know I will do a great job.Control is super amazing and I guess that’s why boyfriend resorts to surprising me….And I so love the surprises….

So,life will be beautiful if you choose to give it that meaning.Bad and hurtful stuff will happen but decide how to react and how to let them affect you.You can eat life with a big spoon.Choose to dance in the rain instead of complain.Choose to make lemonade instead of cringing at the bitter taste of lemon.Knowing that you are strong and capable when you did not think so,gives you more energy to fight the next battle that comes your way.It makes you believe in you more.And the feeling is absolutely priceless.

I smile and it is from my heart.As the things that used to tick me off,now,let’s just say,I got them under control.Ok,they might still piss me off – ish, but the fact that i can choose to look the other way and smile and not get affected,speaks volumes to me and I am proud of me.Absolutely.

What’s my message for the day?Do you.You are the only person responsible for your happiness.Do not let another be in charge.Forgive as often as possible;it frees you and saves you a lot of baggage and high blood pressure I must add.Enjoy life.That is what it is meant for.Be free and laugh more.Dance,even if you got two left feet.If it makes you happy and you are not committing any crimes,like Nike,just do it!Life is too short to let your happiness be determined by events or other people.Another favorite quote ‘IT NEVER IS THAT SERIOUS’!!!!!!!

Adios my peeps!

Holla at you soon.




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